At the convergence of Computer Science, Math, and Writing

I'm a junior at the George Washington University double-majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics (pure concentration), with a minor in Creative Writing. Currently, I'm researching promoting fairness and diversity in AI, advised by Dr. John P. Dickerson. My personal research project studies online harassment and creating tools to combat it with Machine Learning, funded by a grant from the Silicon Valley Community Fund and Intel called Hack Harassment. I also do Computer Vision and ML research at GW with Dr. Robert Pless, using CV to classify social media content and designing applications for the public to promote wellness and social good.

During Summer 2017, I worked at UMD's REU CAAR, working on a project modeling kidney exchange as a RL problem, advised by Dr. John P. Dickerson. In 2016, I used NLP to generate reading comprehension tools for low-literacy adults in GW's Learning Technologies Research Group advised by Dr. Rahul Simha. My research interests are broadly in the realm of theoretical CS, including artificial intelligence, computability theory, graph theory, cryptography, natural language processing, and machine learning. In my free time, I read incessantly and write poetry + fiction.

News Hackital was awesome! Check out the HackHarassment projects!
I'm the founding Chair of a new dean's organization at GW SEAS, the Dean's Council of Women in Tech (DCWiT)! Our goal is to support women at GW pursuing STEM fields through mentorship, professional development, and workshops.


Hack Harassment Grant + ML Research Project

I'm studying the occurrence of online harassment among undergraduate students, funded by a Hack Harassment grant. In November 2017, my grant will fund incentives to create technological solutions for online harassment at Hackital. My goal is to use Machine Learning to robustly detect instances of harassment online with multimodal data.

Kidney Exchange with Deep RL

During Summer 2017, I worked at the University of Maryland at College Park's REU CAAR, working on a project modeling kidney exchange as a Reinforcement Learning problem, advised by Dr. John P. Dickerson.

Computer Vision Proana tumblr dataset

Recognizing Pro-Eating Disorder Content with Computer Vision

I'm working on a project using Computer Vision and deep learning to recognize Pro-Eating-Disorder content online, advised by Dr. Robert Pless.

Check out our abstract.

Natural Language Processing and Generation Research with LeTR

In Summer 2016, I participated in GW's School of Engineering and Applied Science Summer Undergraduate Program for Engineering Research (SUPER), working in the Learning Technologes Research Group (LeTR), on the CAPITAL project.

GW ACM Game Night


I'm the Academic Affairs Chair of GW's student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery. Last year, I served as President. We host events for the GW Computer Science community--Game Nights, Professor Talks, workshops and more.

books I've recently read

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