Current Projects

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Hack Harassment Grant + Research Project

I'm studying the occurrence of online harassment among undergraduate students, funded by a Hack Harassment grant. In November 2017, part of my grant will fund incentives to create technological solutions for online harassment at Hackital.

Computer Vision Proana tumblr dataset featuring images of individuals with Eating Disorders and images that fall under the hashtag #selfie or #ootd

Recognizing Pro-Eating Disorder Content with Computer Vision

I'm working on a project using Computer Vision and deep learning to recognize Pro-Eating-Disorder content online, advised by Dr. Robert Pless.

Check out our abstract.

Natural Language Processing and Generation Research with LeTR

In Summer 2016, I participated in GW's School of Engineering and Applied Science Summer Undergraduate Program for Engineering Research (SUPER), working in the Learning Technologes Research Group (LeTR), on the CAPITAL project.

Past Projects

picture of the Robotic soccer simulator: a couple or blue and green circles (players) on a simple soccer field

RoboSoccer RL Project

Robots that use Reinforcement Learning to play soccer! This was Andy Thomas', Collin Duncan's, and my team's final project for Continuous Algorithms in Spring 2017. Here's our writeup. We use code written by Dr. Rahul Simha to model the RoboSoccer domain. Repo coming soon.


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Undergraduate Teaching Fellow

I've been a Undergraduate Teaching Fellow for the GW CS Dept. since Fall 2016. So far I've helped out with CS 1112 (Algorithms and Data Structures) and CS 1010 (Intro to Computer Science).

Past Involvement